Comparators and Loupes

Comparators are a class of magnifiers that have a Measuring Reticle at their base. The Reticle is right-reading looking through the glass to enable contact inspection and measurement. Features, such as scales, circles, lines, grids, and angles contained on the Precision Reticle Pattern can be compared to features on the part being inspected.

Magnifiers without reading Reticles are generally referred to as Loupes. However, some Comparators are also called Loupes. All of the Comparators in this catalog with the exception of the Telecentric Comparator can have their Reticles removed to serve as simple inspection Loupes. The Hastings Triplets, shown in the photo, are of a wide-field, distortion-free, color corrected three element lens design offered in 7X, 10X and 20X magnification. These Pocket Magnifiers have extensive use in Printing, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Laboratory and Research Equipment.

All of the English and Metric Reticles, manufactured by Max Levy Autograph for use with our Comparators, are manufactured from phototooling that is ceritifed and traceable to N.I.S.T.

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