Magnifiers and Microscopes

Magnifiers encompass a broad class of relatively simple optical lens systems used to assist the observer in seeing the detail features of objects.

Peak Direct Measurement Microscopes are ideally suited for precision measurement.

All microscopes include an inline reticle (delineated in English or Metric units) that can be rotated and focused independently of the objective. A clear acrylic stand base allows the user to manipulate the subject while it is being viewed. All microscopes include a soft rubber eyecup and a hard vinyl carrying case.

Peak Microscopes are available in standard or compact size configurations.

Please note: the inline reticle cannot be removed or replaced.

All of the English and Metric Reticles, manufactured by Max Levy Autograph for use with our Comparators, are manufactured from tooling ceritifed traceable to N.I.S.T.

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