15X Scale Lupe, Peak No. 2016
Close 15X Scale Lupe, Peak No. 2016

15X Scale Lupe, Peak No. 2016

Stock No. MA032

Price: $99.00

About This Product

This 15X Scale Lupe works well with many of our 26mm Diameter Reticles. (See PDF Comparator/Reticle Usage Matrix) It has an excellent, anti-reflection coated, achromatic lens system (4 elements, 3 groups) and 18mm Field of View based on actual testing at our plant. One removable standard Scale Reticle, 0-0.5”, .005” divisions and centered Crosshair is provided with the 15X Scale Lupe. The Focusing Ring is a smooth action helicoid twist ring. The 15X Lupe is provided in a hard shell vinyl case with lens tissue.

Extended Magnifier and Comparator Usage and Application Guide


Product Drawing.pdf

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