7X Telecentric Lupe, Peak No. 1999
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7X Telecentric Lupe, Peak No. 1999

Stock No. MA030

Price: $187.00

About This Product

This 7X Telecentric Lupe works well with many of our 26mm Diameter Reticles and has a 0 to 0.8”, .005” division Reticle Scale. It has an excellent, anti-reflection coated, achromatic lens system (3 elements, 2 groups) and 20mm Field of View based on actual testing at our plant. The Focusing Ring is a smooth action helicoid twist ring. The 7X Telecentric Lupe is used to measure the length and width of 2 Dimensional flat objects and 3 Dimensional objects and features on slightly curved surfaces. Accurate measurements are possible without the distortion caused by the parallax effect associated with convential lens systems. The 7X Telecentric Lupe is provided in a hard shell vinyl case with lens tissue.

Extended Magnifier and Comparator Usage and Application Guide


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