Max Levy Autograph (MLA) has developed proprietary techniques to coat and pattern high temperature materials for high speed radome applications. In doing so, MLA has demonstrated capability for coating and patterning fully conformal three-dimensional surfaces with accurate dielectric thicknesses, precision conductive and resistive features less than 0.003” in size, in materials capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 1200 °C.

  • Patented material processing
  • Multilayer layer manufacturing capability
  • Precision dielectric as well as conductive layers
  • Proven ability to apply fine-feature patterns to fully conformal shapes
  • Internal and External surfaces of complex shapes are accessible with custom MLA patterning equipment

MLA has experience with a wide variety of ceramic substrate materials including oxide and non-oxide ceramics, in-situ reinforced ceramics, and ceramic matrix composites. Coatings and processes are formulated specifically for the material system and design requirements provided, with attention to the mechanical, thermal, and electrical properties of the coatings at operational temperatures.

MLA has also developed custom proprietary software for pattern layout and generation on both rotationally symmetric and fully conformal three-dimensional surfaces. A variety of techniques are utilized to meet the requirements of any unique application.

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