II-VI Optical Systems (formerly Max Levy Autograph) is an industry leader in the ultra precision patterning for the metrology industry.  Metrology Grids, Targets, and Artifacts are used to qualify a wide range of OEM and End User systems. As an extension of MLA’s expertise in producing precision calibration standards, artifacts up to 1525  x 1525 mm (60” x 60”) can be characterized and re-certified in a temperature controlled and clean environment on the Autograph - an ISO 17025 accredited machine vision system.

The Autograph is a proprietary laser interferometer controlled measuring device to produce minimal uncertainties over large distances.  Furthermore, the Autograph is calibrated with scales measured by the National Institute of Standards and Technology for N.I.ST traceability.  This ISO 17025 accreditation/ N.I.S.T. traceable combination offers unprecedented value for your quality assurance requirements.

II-VI Optical Systems offers the unique capabilities of both fabricating and fully qualifying your artifacts in house for maximum value.


  • Magnifiers and Comparators
  • Microrules and Microscales
  • Comparator Charts and Scales
  • USAF and Standard Resolution Targets
  • DOF and MTF Targets
  • Scratch / Dig Standards
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