CMM Calibration Reticle 45 Points
Close CMM Calibration Reticle 45 Points

CMM Calibration Reticle 45 Points

Stock No. HA005

Price: $4,903.00

About This Product

The CMM calibration reticle is useful as standard or replacement equipment in popular optical and hybrid CMMs. The 13” x 7” glass plate contains three patterns with different horizontal spacings formed in refelective, durable evaporated chromium with a reflectivity of 50% at 550nm and ≥3.0 optical density(transmission <0.1% at 550nm.) The features consist of 0.5” crosshairs with 0.010” line width.

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The high accuracy, high resolution pattern can be calibrated with an optional N.I.S.T. traceable calibration service. Please call for details on various options for the calibration service. Complete specifications are available under Detailed Specifications below.

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