Vision System Precision Scale 1mm / 300mm w/case
Close Vision System Precision Scale 1mm / 300mm w/case

Vision System Precision Scale 1mm / 300mm w/case

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About This Product

  This high accuracy scale is useful for calibrating CMM and comparator stages through the use of a machine vision system. The pattern is designed to conform to the requirements of standard video systems with its uncluttered pattern and very high edge acuity. Software can be used to lock onto the intersections of the scale and take measurements at several points along the scale. Using a stable glass substrate, these scales achieve extremely high accuracy.

  The pattern is formed in durable chromium vacuum deposited onto a 6mm thick glass substrate. The chromium pattern has Optical Density >e;3.0 which allows use in either transmitted or reflected light. Each part is individually serialized and provided with an N.I.S.T. traceable Certificate of Accuracy. For complete specifications, see the drawing below under “Detailed Specifications.”

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