Target Grayscale EIA Linear
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    Target Grayscale EIA Linear

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    Single Pattern dual Linear Grayscale ascending and descending (reversed on lower scale). Perfect for checking Video/Optical systems, cameras, photographic and printed outputs. May be viewed directly or projected (35mm format). “Standard” patterns are EIA Equal Steps Transmission (Linear). Each scale has nine steps which are accurately obtained by an ultra-precise halftone pattern. Pitch is 0.001”. The steps are side-by-side, 0.100” x 0.200” without spacing. See tabulated Transmissions and Densities on .pdf Drawing under Detailed Specifications.

    Pattern slide is permanent Chrome on glass material, 50.8mm X 50.8mm X 1.5mm, with pattern on top surface. Background is opaque with an Optical Density of 3.0 (T=0.1%).

    Also available with Combined Linear/Logarithmic on a single slide, or only one Logarithmic Scale Pattern ascending and descending (reversed on lower scale).


    Product Drawing.pdf
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