Target Grayscale Density Steps
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Target Grayscale Density Steps

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About This Product

Combined Linear and Logarithmic Gray Scale patterns on one slide, perfect for checking Video/Optical systems, Cameras, Photographic and printed outputs. May be viewed directly or projected (35mm format). Two scales with “Standard” patterns: EIA Equal Steps Transmission (Linear) and EIA Equal Steps Density (Logarithmic). Each scale has nine steps which are accurately obtained by an ultra-precise halftone pattern. Pitch is 0.001”. The steps are side-by-side, 0.100” x 0.200” without spacing. See tabulated Transmissions and Densities on .pdf Drawing below.

Patterned slide is permanent Chrome on glass material, 50.8mm X 50.8mm X 1.5mm, with pattern on top surface. Background is opaque with an Optical Density of 3.0 (T=0.1%).

Also available with only one Scale Pattern ascending and descending (reversed on lower scale) in logarithmic and linear density steps.


Product Drawing.pdf

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