Calibration Artifact
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Calibration Artifact

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About This Product

The Master Calibration Artifact is intended for use by Calibration Professionals with Optical Comparators and other Measuring Systems. As a Reference Standard, all Dimensional and Geometric elements are etched in Chromium right-reading looking through Glass. Overall accuracy: ±0.003mm, Line-to-Line Accuracy: ±0.001mm. Overall dimensions: 5.50”x7.50”x0.25” T. Includes Case.

The Master Calibration Artifact provides rapid and accurate analysis of major phenomena, including:
  • Vertical and Horizontal Linear Accuracy
  • Bi-axial Step Gaging
  • Magnification and Multiplier Function Verification
  • Squareness
  • Circular and Angular Calculation and Interpolation
  • Repeatability
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Each comes with a N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificate of Accuracy.

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