Dot Array 25mm x 25mm, .25mm Dots on .50mm Centers, Glass
    Close Dot Array 25mm x 25mm, .25mm Dots on .50mm Centers, Glass

    Dot Array 25mm x 25mm, .25mm Dots on .50mm Centers, Glass

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    About This Product

      These ultra high precision Chrome on Glass Distortion Targets offer unparalleled accuracy for use in qualifying imaging systems. Several variations of this target are available; all are fixed frequency dot arrays in a choice of five different dot spacings and four substrate sizes. With a feature-to-feature accuracy of 1 micron, these patterns allow for extremely accurate testing and qualification of inspection systems. All targets are NIST traceable and serialized for compliance to MIL-STD-45662A. A film version on white mylar is also available.

    • Dot diameter: .25mm
    • Dot spacing: .50mm
    • Overall Accuracy: ±0.001mm
    • Substrate type: Soda lime glass
    • Substrate size: 2” x 2”

      The pattern is formed in durable double layer Chromium (OD > 3.0) on a stable .060” soda lime glass substrate. The pattern is positive (opaque features on a clear background) on the first surface (Right Reading Looking At). All targets are given complete inspection to ensure the highest quality calibration artifact.

      Please see the drawing below for complete specifications.


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