Grid 300mm x 150mm High Contrast Dot Grid ass'y
Close Grid 300mm x 150mm High Contrast Dot Grid ass'y

Grid 300mm x 150mm High Contrast Dot Grid ass'y

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About This Product

Grid Assembly Nominal .25”/6mm Thickness on Soda Lime substrates consists of Pattern etched in Low Reflection Chrome looking through (internal surface) clear .125”/3mm glass bonded to a diffuse white surface (internal surface) of .125”/3mm backing glass. Pattern internal to top clear plate enhances target detection by minimizing detection of surface dust or scratches above the pattern focal plane.

Dimensions and Tolerances of each Array are:
  • Active Area of 11.82” x 5.92”/300.25mm x 150.25mm typ., on a 13” X 7”/330.2mm x 177.8mm substrate
  • Dot diameter of 0.010”/0.25mm
  • Dot spacing, center to center: 0.394”/10.0mm
  • Outer four edges of Active Area have 0.16”/0.40mm long lines
  • Line Width 0.010”/0.25mm, centered between dots
  • Overall Accuracy ±0.00025”/±0.0064mm
Each Array includes carrying case for protection during storage. In addition to the standard “Certificate of Accuracy”, any Array can be individually calibrated to provide “Certified Calibration” Traceable to N.I.S.T.


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