Target ISO 14997 Scratch / Dig Standard Set Negative
Close Target ISO 14997 Scratch / Dig Standard Set Negative

Target ISO 14997 Scratch / Dig Standard Set Negative

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About This Product

  This chrome-on-glass target is designed to meet all requirements of the ISO 10110-7 and ISO 14997 specification. This set of two targets features the scratches and circular defects defined in the standard in addition to enhanced features designed to better qualify the testing system.

Standard Features:
  • Long Scratches (Grades 0.004 - 0.400)
  • Circular Defects (Grades 0.004 - 0.400)

Enhanced Features
  • Ronchi Rulings - ensure that the measurement system can adequately resolve the artidfact under test
  • Linear Scale - Measure scratch length
  • Grids - Classify large or clustered defects
  This version of the target contains a chrome pattern printed on the first surface of a Soda Lime Glass substrate, for observation using a reflected light method. The pattern is negative : clear features on an opaque background. The glass is protected by a hard black anodized Aluminum frame which serves to protect the glass and allow for easy handling.

  A padded carrying case, manual on CD, and quick reference card are included with the kit. Each target kit is serialized and includes an NIST traceable Certificate of Accuracy.

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