Target 27mm Index Square on White Glass
Close Target 27mm Index Square on White Glass

Target 27mm Index Square on White Glass

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About This Product

This reticle is used for determining coordinate locations in X and Y and for the evaluation of matrix hole and line patterns. It is also useful as a simple stand-alone pattern for evaluating machine vision camera system optics for barreling and pincushion distortion. The white glass background provides a high contrast to the black chrome pattern, allowing visibility in diffuse lighting applications.

The pattern is a 10 X 10 matrix of 1.0mm squares with numerical column and lettered row markings. pattern line widths are .0254mm ± .0025mm (.025mm± .0025mm). The pattern has an overall accuracy of 0.001mm. The pattern is formed in durable, double layer, deposited evaporative Chrome/Chrome Oxide, for a reflectivity of less than 5% looking at the pattern. 

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