Multifunction Target .08X-4X on White Glass
Close Multifunction Target .08X-4X on White Glass

Multifunction Target .08X-4X on White Glass

Stock No. DA068

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About This Product

The Multifunction Target is a valuable testing tool designed to measure the important optical characteristics of non-contact metrology systems. The DA068 target is sold as a kit which includes two unique targets on polished White glass, a custom angled support base, manual on cd, quick reference card, and a custom padded carrying case. Using the kit, the following characteristics can be tested:
  • Resolution
  • Field of View
  • Depth of Field
  • Magnification
  • Modulation Transfer Function
  • Telecentricity (for Telecentric Lenses)
  • Flat Field Distortion
  • Object measurement functions for circular objects (positive and negative)
  • Object measurement functions for rectangular objects (positive and negative)
  • Calibration for linear stages
  • Software subpixelization accuracy

The first target consists of a series of concentric circles and concentric square targets. The second target consists of a series of variable frequency Ronchi Rulings designed to help the user quickly determine the maximum resolution of the system and easily measure MTF. Both targets have a high level of dimensional accuracy and can be used to calibrate metrology systems. A series of positive and negative features is also included to test for blooming. An accurate 154mm linear scale is included on the target as well. The angled Target Base adds functionality to the targets by allowing the user to experimentally determine DOF and measure telecentricity.

The pattern is formed in low reflection chromium on nominal 3.2mm thick polished White glass. All targets are replicated from high precision tooling under controlled environmental conditions to ensure accuracy. Each kit is certified and includes an NIST traceable Certificate of Accuracy.


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