Target USAF 2" X2" UV-Grade POS
    Close Target USAF 2" X2" UV-Grade POS

    Target USAF 2" X2" UV-Grade POS

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    About This Product

    For Vision/Optical systems and photography. Elements of two targets with three bars at right angles vary per MIL standard 150A from Group 0, Element 1 (1.00 lp/mm) through Group 7, Element 6 (228 lp/mm). Used to determine resolution and contrast. Positive Target: Opaque bars on a clear field.

    Printed on fused silica to allow high transmittance of Ultraviolet Light (>92%@270nm). The pattern is printed in durable double layer reflective Chromium on a stable Soda Lime Glass substrate. The pattern is on top surface (Right-reading looking through).

    Complete details and specifications are available under “Detailed Specifications” below.


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