Target USAF 1951 Clear Optical Path 1.5"
Close Target USAF 1951 Clear Optical Path 1.5"

Target USAF 1951 Clear Optical Path 1.5"

Stock No. DA056

Price: $830.00

About This Product

The Clear Optical Path Target allows users to test the resolution of detectors working outside of the visible light range. The target is especially well suited to X-Ray and IR applications. The pattern is formed in Nickel film 0.0005” thick and mounted inside Aluminum stiffeners to provide protection and durability. The USAF 1951 pattern is formed in the Nickel film using a high precision electroforming process. This assures that the target features are dimensionally accurate and have excellent edge acuity. The pattern surface is plated with black Nickel and the sitffening ring is anodized with a black coating to decrease visible reflection without affecting the accuracy of the target features.

A drawing of this target is available under “Detailed Specifications” below.


Product Drawing.pdf

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