Target Bar Grid Assembly
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    Target Bar Grid Assembly

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    About This Product

    High Contrast Target Assembly ideal for Vision/Optical Systems. Known grid patterns have accurate line widths (±0.003mm) with accurate Center Line to Center Line positions (±0.003mm). Assembly is Low Reflection Chrome looking through 0.063” clear glass bonded to a white backing substrate, 0.125” ceramic or glass.

    Pattern: Six (6) line grids:
    (1) 0.050” lines on 0.500” centers. Eight horizontal, three vertical.
    (2) 0.040” lines on 0.400” centers. Three horizontal, seven vertical.
    (3) 0.030” lines on 0.300” centers. Three horizontal, nine vertical.
    (4) 0.020” lines on 0.200” centers. Three horizontal, thirteen vertical.
    (5) 0.015” lines on 0.150” centers. Three horizontal, seventeen vertical.
    (6) 0.010” lnes on 0.100” centers. Three horizontal, twenty five vertical.


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