Microscope / Stage Multi Scale Target
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    Microscope / Stage Multi Scale Target

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    About This Product

    Multi-use linear scale pattern for calibration and measurements. Check video/microscope scales, magnification, borescopes, stage movements. Set Video Screen Masters to a true value at the actual depth of field for which measurements will be made. Target is on a stable glass substrate etched in Low Reflection Chrome. Pattern is on the top surface (right-reading looking at.)

    Pattern: Six (6) scales:
    (1) 0.005”- 1” pattern in 0.005” divisions.
    (2) 0.002”-1” pattern in 0.002” divisions.
    (3) 0.001”- 1” pattern in 0.001” divisions.
    (4) 0.025mm- 25mm pattern in 0.025mm divisions.
    (5) 0.05mm- 25mm pattern in 0.05mm divisions.
    (6) 0.10mm- 25mm pattern in 0.10mm divisions.
    Please contact our sales department to include a N.I.S.T. Traceable Certificate of Accuracy with your order.


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