Multifunction Target 20X-100X
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    Multifunction Target 20X-100X

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    About This Product

    An “all-in-one” multifunction target that allows the user to take accurate measurements of several useful parameters relating to the optics of a microscope or vision system on one target without the need for expensive test equipment. This target can be used for calibration as well as testing resolution, distortion, and depth of field. Features on this target include variable frequency Ronchi rulings, sets of grids and concentric circles with different line spacing and widths, a microscale, and edge blocks for use with depth of field measurements.

    This high frequency target is designed for use with optical systems using 20X objectives (instrument quality) up to 100X objectives. The feature sizes on this target are designed for use with microscopes or microscopy systems that work in high magnifications and have short focal distances. The target is patterned on high quality 1/4” thick Fused Silica. Included with the target are three edge blocks for use with depth of field measurements: a 20/1, 40/1, and 70/1 ratio block. A user information card and complete manual on CD are also provided.
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