Ronchi Slide 40 LPMM Fluorescent
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Ronchi Slide 40 LPMM Fluorescent

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About This Product

  This enhanced version of the standard Ronchi Slide is uniquely suited to applications using a UV light source, especially biological microscopes. This “Fluorescent” version of the standard Ronchi slide is patterned on Corning 7980 Fused Silica for enhanced transmission in the UV spectrum (>92% @ 270nm). A UV-sensitive phosphorescent backing material is applied to the back of the substrate. The backing material emits a bright green visible light when exposed to a UV light source. The pattern is printed on the back side of the glass substrate so that the focal plane is in line with the phosphorescent coating.

  The pattern frequency is listed in terms of Line Pairs Per Millimeter (LP/MM). These precision Ronchi slides contain a 1/2” x 1” ruling pattern on a standard 1” x 3” microscope slide. The pattern is formed in durable double layer evaporative Chromium (Optical Density > 3.0) on a stable 1mm Fused Silica substrate.

  Ronchi Slides can be used in the determination of optical resolution, MTF, field distortion, and parfocal stability. This slide is also available on a Fused Silica substrate without the phosphorescent backing.

  For complete specifications, see the drawing below.


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