Ronchi Slide 100 LPMM
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Ronchi Slide 100 LPMM

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About This Product

  These precision Ronchi slides contain a 1/2” x 1” ruling pattern on a standard 1” x 3” microscope slide. The Ronchi Ruling pattern consists of evenly spaced opaque and clear lines. The pattern frequency is listed in terms of Line Pairs Per Millimeter (LP/MM).

  The pattern is formed in durable double layer evaporative Chromium (Optical Density >3.0) on a stable 1mm Soda Lime Glass substrate.

  Ronchi Slides can be used in the determination of optical resolution, MTF, field distortion, and parfocal stability. Several frequency variations are available from 5LPMM to 600LPMM. For UV applications, all slides are available on Fused Silica substrates. For biological applications using UV light, a phosphorescent backed version is also available.

  For complete specifications, please see the drawing below.


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