Reticle 35mm Eng/Metric Scales/Circles/Protractor
Close Reticle 35mm Eng/Metric Scales/Circles/Protractor

Reticle 35mm Eng/Metric Scales/Circles/Protractor

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About This Product

This English/Metric multifunction reticle has patterns for Linear, Angle, Diameter, and Hole gage measurements. The pattern line width is 0.001” ±0.0001”. Overall accuracy is ±0.00004”. The pattern is on the contact surface, right-reading looking through so that the object can be measured directly.

Pattern: Three horizontal scales: First Scale: 20mm long. -10mm to +10mm in 0.5mm divisions. -5mm to +5mm in 0.1mm divisions. Second Scale: 0-0.5” in 0.005” divisions. Third Scale: 0 to 1/8” in 1/64”. 90 Degree Angle Scale: in 5° divisions, numbered every 10°. 0-10° in 1° divisions. 90° Arcs: 0-10 in 0.5mm, 0-1 in 0.1mm divisions. Left 10 Diameters: 0.1 to 1.0 in 0.1mm divisions. Right : Five Diameters from 0.005 to 1/64” diameter. The pattern line width is 0.001” ±0.0001”. Overall accuracy is ±0.00004”.

The Reticle Pattern is very durable, double layer, deposited evaporative Chrome/Chrome Oxide, for a reflectivity of less than 5% looking at the pattern. The Patterns on all Reticles manufactured by Max Levy are replicated from Precision Chrome on Glass Tooling under clean room conditions.

For a listing of Magnifiers that can be used with this reticle see the Magnifier/Comparator to Reticle matrix under ”Detailed Specifications”.

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