Reticle 21mm Dashed Crosshair
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Reticle 21mm Dashed Crosshair

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About This Product

This Crosshair Reticle has a dashed line with a line width of .001”± .0001” and is perpendicular within .00004”/.001mm. It is useful as a Boresight, Centering and Alignment Reticle. It can also be used to gauge the straightness, edge acuity and perpendicularity of lines and features. The dashed nature of the lines allows the user to align the Crosshair over lines and features that are less in width than the Crosshair on the Reticle. It is also useful in conjunction with a solid line Crosshair Reticle when two Reticles, displaced some distance apart, are used to establish a line in a Boresight application.

The Reticle Pattern is very durable, double layer, deposited evaporative Chrome/Chrome Oxide, for a reflectivity of less than 5% looking at the pattern. The Patterns on all Reticles manufactured by Max Levy are replicated from Precision Chrome on Glass Tooling under clean room conditions.

For a listing of Magnifiers that can be used with this reticle see the Magnifier/Comparator to Reticle matrix under “Detailed Specifications”.

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