Terms and Conditions of Sale

In the terms and conditions below, Max Levy Autograph shall be referred to as "MLA". The following Terms of Sale are exclusive and in lieu of all other terms and conditions appearing on Customer’s purchase order or elsewhere.

  1. All orders are Non-Cancelable, Non-Returnable (NCNR).
  2. Orders will be binding contract only when received and accepted by confirmation in writing by MLA.
  3. Estimated lead time listed above was calculated at the time of quotation generation and may differ from the estimated date ship date issued upon purchase order acceptance.
  4. Any quality, purchase order, or first article inspection (FAI) requirements submitted at time of order must be approved by Max Levy Autograph (MLA) and may incur additional charges and/or lead time.
  5. MLA will work to the latest industry standard revisions unless specified by the customer.
  6. Completed work will be available at our facilities for inspection and acceptance before shipment.
  7. Blanket purchase orders require shipment completion within 12 months ARO or to a mutually agreed upon schedule prior to purchase order acceptance.
  8. Shipping is EXW. Shipping and handling charges are not included in this quotation and will be determined at the time of order. The customer shall be responsible for all shipping costs, tariffs, and import/export fees.
  9. Packaging requirements must be specified at the time of quotation request. If none are specified, standard packaging will apply at MLA’s discretion.
  10. Other than gross negligence, no liability is assumed for loss, damage, or additional rework of customer furnished material.
  11. All tooling remains the property of MLA. MLA will maintain tooling in operation during their normal production life, limited to two years after completion of the most recent production order. MLA is not liable for continued retention or availability of any tooling after expiration date of the two year period. Because of the unique requirements of fabricating optical components, the design for tooling and other related processes shall be deemed to be the intellectual property of MLA. All manufacturing tooling and fixtures will inherently contain MLA intellectual property.
  12. Warranty
    • MLA warrants to Customer that at the time of delivery all Products will conform to and perform in accordance with the applicable specifications as defined by the acknowledged sales order.
    • MLA’s entire responsibility and Customer’s exclusive remedies for any breach of warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the Products or refund of the purchase price paid for the Products that are the subject of the warranty claim.
    • No warranty shall apply to any Product that is subject to misuse, accident, disaster or repair by anyone other than MLA.
    • The warranty period is 12 months from the receipt of Product.
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