Max Levy Autograph Achieves ISO 17025 Accreditation

PHILADLEPHIA, Pennsylvania (March 2013) – Max levy Autograph ( proudly announces completion of ISO 17025 accreditation – the global recognized standard developed specifically for testing and calibration laboratories. This achievement allows Max Levy Autograph to offer an accredited calibration of the machine vision artifacts, grids, and targets Max Levy Autograph currently produces for the machine vision, metrology, and related industries. This ISO 17025 accreditation compliments the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) traceability Max Levy Autograph's measuring systems currently employ.

Max Levy Autograph will also offer accredited calibration as a standalone service. Companies already in possession of calibration artifacts, regardless of the manufacturer, may send their pieces to Max Levy Autograph for calibration.

"This accreditation is a wonderful addition to Max Levy Autograph's current capabilities", states Aaron Goldberg, general manager of Max Levy Autograph. "An accredited calibration of a particular machine vision artifact or grid is absolutely essential for any company employing a machine vision system to monitor the performance of that particular system".

Max Levy Autograph, located in Philadelphia, PA, specializes in ultra-precision patterned components and 3D structures for the photonic, biomedical, mil-aerospace, semiconductor, and metrology industries.  Applications range on substrates sizes up to 6' x 10' from the X-Ray out to Infrared. Curved, as well as plano substrates, may be processed. Major process capabilities include: photolithography, electroforming, diamond milling, and calibration services. Max Levy Autograph is a wholly owned subsidiary of II-VI ( incorporated.

II-VI Incorporated (NASDAQ: IIVI), based in Saxonburg, PA, is a vertically-integrated manufacturing company that creates and markets products for a diversified customer base including industrial manufacturing, military and aerospace, high-power electronics, optical communications, and thermoelectronic applications.

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