Target Vari Freq 5 to 200 LPMM 2"X2"
    Close Target Vari Freq 5 to 200 LPMM 2"X2"

    Target Vari Freq 5 to 200 LPMM 2"X2"

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    About This Product

    Excellent target for Vision/Optical System analysis. Ruling pattern consists of Ronchi ruling sections 1mm wide x 25 mm high. Ruling pattern sections vary in frequency from 5 to 200 lp/mm in 5 lp/mm increments for 5-120 lp/mm and then 10 lp/mm for 120-200 lp/mm. Target is ideal for quick resolution determination. Also useful for Contrast, Parallax, and MTF calculations.

    Target is formed in reflective chrome on a stable glass substrate. Pattern is on top surface (right-reading looking through.)


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