Max Levy Autograph (MLA) leverages its existing technology to provide innovative solutions for generating three dimensional microstructures using photolithography, micromachining, and alternative manufacturing techniques. Optical products include lenticular lens arrays, microlens arrays, and light pipes, with aspect ratios greater than 10:1 in some cases. The structures may be asymmetric, tapered, have a distinct profile, or be perfectly vertical with limited sidewall taper. Many shapes can be generated because of the diverse manufacturing techniques that are available.

Diamond Milling

Custom in-house machinery designed to create miniature 3D structures using orthogonal fly cutting and micro-milling.

  • Lens arrays
  • Needle arrays
  • Corner cube arrays
  • Security Applications

Photolithography-based Microstructures

  • Micro-lens arrays
  • Light pipes
  • Blaze gratings

A typical shape used in arrays would be a conical microstructure with a small radius of curvature at the tip of each cone. MLA has generated conical arrays with base widths of 60 µm and heights in excess of 200 µm. These may be used as microneedle arrays for drug delivery or for texturing purposed on other products or applications. Any of these structures can be replicated using MLA’s electroforming techniques to provide hard tooling for the production of continuous films or individual parts in polymeric materials.

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