Max Levy Autograph (MLA) utilizes a process called electroforming to manufacture products and replication tooling.

The three-dimensional nature of electroforming allows small, close tolerance apertures to be incorporated with robust structures to achieve exceptional structural strength and rigidity beyond those attainable using photochemical machining. Electroforming is cost effective compared to EDM and laser drilling.

Coupled with our diamond contour and microstructure array capabilities, electroforming provides the engineer with the ability to design, prototype and economically mass produce complex, large format micro structures.

Metal parts that are replicated through electroforming as flat or complex three-dimensional structures include:

  • Metrology standards for surface roughness
  • Metrology step wedge standards for surface height measurement
  • Clear optical path apertures, targets and masks
  • Encoder disks and scales
  • Antenna arrays and wave guides
  • Focusing and light pipe arrays
  • Mesh screens and foils
  • Light and X-ray diffusers and masks
  • Ink jet, electrographic and liquid diffusion precision hole arrays
  • Shadow masks
  • Spectrophotometer slits
  • Molds formed from diamond turned mandrels
  • Conformal meshes
Conformed Nickel Mesh
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